Michael’s Story


Michael and Laura devoted their lives to their horses. Together they raised and trained some of the finest thoroughbreds on the track. Their commitment went beyond the need to make a living. For them it had to do with their love and passion for equines.

They were often criticized for their unconventional training methods which included giving their babies more time to develop, teaching them to relax on the bit, and turning their horses into loving pets in the barn. But no one could argue that when Michael T D’Angelo Racing Stable horses hit the track they ran like the wind.

Despite the struggle of the racetrack life, they were the envy of friends and family. How many people wake up every morning to a job they truly love? This is what kept Michael and Laura in the racing business for over 30 years. The love, the commitment, the hope…


In 2010 they experienced the tragic loss of their most beloved and prized horse Arhat, who they’d bred, raised and trained, when he broke his leg during a race.  It was enough to drive Michael and Laura away from the track forever.

Arhat and Laura

Knowing they needed to switch gears midlife, Laura and Michael decided to pursue another passion; Health & Wellness. They were already committed to healthy eating, Laura having studied and practiced at home and with family since she was a teen, and Michael having spent time as a chef for a world class resort and spa. Together they landed jobs with Whole Foods Market where Michael was being trained and poised as a potential team leader. His passion for food and his culinary background made Whole Foods the perfect home for an exciting new career. But in early 2013 that dream came crashing down when Michael was diagnosed with a rare form of urethral cancer and was ordered to begin treatment immediately. Thinking he would be back at Whole Foods within weeks, Michael underwent an aggressive and ultimately debilitating form of radiation which caused many complications making him very sick, in constant acute pain and unable to work. So Laura began working overtime to make ends meet.


It’s a common tale, health insurance pays for treatment but there is no compensation for living expenses if one cannot work. So just when Laura and Michael were getting ahead they experienced an incredible financial setback. But the most important thing on their minds was to get Michael well.  Then, after months of exploratory surgery and a lot of pain and suffering,  they received shocking news last week when Michael was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Michael’s doctors at the renowned Cleveland Clinic have ordered Michael to immediately begin chemotherapy. In addition to conventional treatment, they also recommend treatments at Utopia Wellness in Tampa, FL. By combining the life supporting methods at Utopia with the safeguard of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, Michael’s doctors believe he has a fighting chance to beat his cancer.

However, Michael’s health insurance will not cover the costs of Utopia Wellness treatments which is why this site has been created. So that friends and family of Michael and Laura have a place where they can donate money, post their love, support and prayers, and where they can keep updated on Michael’s progress.

We have made it easy to donate to Give Forward, a fundraising page set up by Michael’s brother Vinnie. no amount too large or too small. Just click on the donate link and it’s as easy as buying something on Amazon. Only your money here will go directly to The Help Michael T D’Angelo Fund For Living. We Thank You with all our hearts.